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Pink Sugar



Hello my name is Danielle Soto and I'm the owner of Danielle's Beauty Blades. I'm a certified permanent makeup artist specializing in permanent cosmetics of the eyebrows.


I'm certified and highly trained in working with open skin. I have exceedingly high standards for not only my work, but my working environment and I'm dedicated to providing exceptional results in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. I have been in the nursing field for over 20 years, but I have also pursued a career in permanent makeup because of my love and passion for cosmetic art. I have always been interested in the beauty industry and always enjoy doing anything that helps people feel good about themselves and boosts their confidence. You will notice my passion for my work and  commitment to exceeding your expectations from the moment you meet me.


The journey that led me to the world of permanent makeup all started when my mom wanted to get something done with her eyebrows that would be a more permanent solution than penciling them in every day. She had gotten more and more self conscious about her eyebrows over the years as she had to work harder to keep them looking good with typical makeup that comes off so easy and always at the worst times. I also found myself wanting something that would make my eyebrows stand out more and looked into getting them dyed to make them look darker, but that only lasts a couple of weeks.

Pink Sugar

That's when my husband decided that the best mothers day gift for me and my mother was to get our eyebrows done with permanent makeup!


After my mom's procedure was all done and she gotta see her new brows, her reaction was priceless. She was very emotional and excited to know that she can feel beautiful every day without worrying about her brows smudging or wearing off. She was so happy with her results and I was just as excited about my new brows as well! Now we both feel more confident, and not to mention the time we save having the Get Up and Go look every morning!


That day I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to become a permanent makeup artist and help people feel great about themselves! Seeing first hand how clean, sterile, and meticulous things have to be done in a permanent makeup studio made me feel right at home as I have worked in hospitals for so many years. 

So the rest was history! I loved all the education and training as I worked hard to become a permanent makeup artist and feel I have a natural talent for magnifying the natural beauty we are all born with! 


If people are going to stare anyways why not give them something to stare at, beautiful eyebrows! So if you're looking to get your eyebrows done with permanent makeup then come see Danielle. I really do care about YOU and YOUR needs. I want you to look and feel your best when you walk out of my studio!

Book Now, I promise you will be so grateful you did!

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