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Pink Sugar




Hello, I’m Danielle Soto, the proud owner of Danielle's Beauty Blades. As a certified permanent makeup artist specializing in eyebrow enhancements, I bring over two decades of experience in the nursing field, coupled with a passion for cosmetic artistry.


Driven by a desire to provide exceptional results in a safe and welcoming environment, I hold myself to the highest standards. My journey into permanent makeup began when my mother sought a lasting solution for her eyebrows. Witnessing her joy and newfound confidence inspired me to embark on this path.


With meticulous attention to detail honed through years of working in sterile environments, I strive to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. Whether it's achieving flawless brows or saving time on your daily routine, I'm dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Pink Sugar

It all began with a heartfelt Mother's Day gift from my husband – the gift of permanent makeup for both my mother and me. Witnessing my mother's emotional reaction upon seeing her new brows filled me with joy and determination.


Her newfound confidence, free from the worry of smudging or fading makeup, ignited a passion within me. As I embarked on my journey to become a permanent makeup artist, my background in hospital settings instilled in me a commitment to cleanliness and precision.


Now, with each stroke of my tool, I aim to magnify the natural beauty we all possess. Because if people are going to stare anyway, why not give them something beautiful to admire?


At Danielle's Beauty Blades, your satisfaction is my priority. Whether you seek flawless brows or a hassle-free morning routine, I'm here to ensure you leave feeling your absolute best.


**Book Now** and experience the difference for yourself. You'll be so grateful you did.

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