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Pink Sugar

Healing Expectations


Day 1-2: Your Brows May Appear Darker For The First Few Days. They May Appear A Little Thick And Pointy At The Arch. They Will Shrink! Trust The Process!!

Day 3-4: They May Begin To Itch. Do Not Scratch Or Pick Them!

Day 4-7: You May Start To See Exfoliation/Flaking. Do Not Pick Them! Underneath May Appear Light; This Is Normal! Trust The Process!!

Day 8-28: You May See Your Color Fade A Bit But Don't Worry, Your Color Will Start To Resurface To The Top Of Your Skin! You Will See Color Blossom As The Color Settles, Blends, And Softens In Your Skin Over The Next Few Weeks. Trust The Process!!

In 6-8 Weeks You Will Return For Your "Perfecting Session" To Do Any Details That May Need To Be Touched Up.


Brows can heal up to 50% lighter after 6-8 weeks (8-10 weeks for darker skin)

After your touch-up session you should return In 18-24 Months For A Color Boost to keep your brows looking and staying their best!

Remember To Keep Your Aftercare Kit To Use Again After Your Touch-up Appointment.


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